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Moselle River

Burg Eltz Wierschem

Tip: Visit Burg Eltz Castle

About 30 kilometers from the city of Cochem, near the Moselle River, you will find the village of Wierschem. Wierschem is a small village in Germany and is known for Burg Eltz, also called Castle Eltz. Castle Eltz is a beautiful castle in the Eltzer...

Reichsburg of Cochem

Things to do in Cochem: Attractions

Cochem is a small, but very busy, town located along the Moselle River in Germany. The village has only 6,000 inhabitants, but is very popular among tourists, thanks to its beautiful historic town center and its famous wines. A visit to Cochem can...

Porta Nigra Trier

Things to do in Trier: Attractions

Trier is the oldest city in Germany, together with Worms, and is situated along the Moselle River. The perfect ingredients for a city trip! The city was founded in the Roman era and was even the capital of the entire Western Roman Empire for a while...