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About 30 kilometers from the city of Cochem, near the Moselle River, you will find the village of Wierschem. Wierschem is a small village in Germany and is known for Burg Eltz, also called Castle Eltz. Castle Eltz is a beautiful castle in the Eltzer forest and you may have seen this castle on Instagram several times already. Both the castle and the surroundings are breathtaking and absolutely worth a visit! In this article you will find information about visiting Burg Eltz.

Burg Eltz Castle

Burg Eltz was built in 1157 and has always been owned by one family, the Counts of Eltz. The castle is built on a rock and is surrounded by the green Eltz Forest. The Eltz Forest is a protected nature reserve with many rare plants and animals. The forest is a popular walking area that offers beautiful views. As Burg Eltz is surrounded by numerous green trees and is also situated in a valley, you cannot see the castle from far away. Burg Eltz was built about 500 years ago, which means that you will find both the medieval style and the Renaissance style here.

Guided tour of the castle

It is possible to see the inside of the castle with a guided tour. During the tour, a guide will take you through 850 years of Western European construction and cultural history. You will visit the armory, bedrooms, halls, the kitchen and other rooms. Very special to see and experience how the nobility lived through the centuries. You will also pay a visit to the treasury, where you can view works of art made of gold and silver, ivory and porcelain and historical weapons. You’re not allowed to take pictures inside, so unfortunately I cannot show you anything from inside.

The tours are in different languages, have a professional guide and start every 10-15 minutes. In total the tour takes about 35-40 minutes. The entrance fee for the tour and a visit to the treasury is € 11,- per person and the opening hours can be found here.

Getting to Burg Eltz

At the edge of the Eltz Forest there is a parking place where you can park your car for € 2,-. The exact location of this car park can be found here. A footpath leads to Burg Eltz in about twenty minutes.

Note: The parking fee has to be paid in cash.

Don’t feel like walking or are you having trouble walking? You can also use a shuttle bus that drops you off in front of the castle. You will find the bus stop at the barrier near the Antonius Chapel and the costs are € 2,- per person.

Castle Eltz / Burg eltz

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