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Tip: Applying for a visa for Sri Lanka

You need a visa if you want to visit Sri Lanka. There are several visas, like a business visa, a transit visa and a tourist visa. Do you want to visit Sri Lanka for a holiday? Then you need a tourist visa. You can apply for a visa for Sri Lanka very...

Budget Sri Lanka

Travel budget: Prices and costs in Sri Lanka

Are you travelling to Sri Lanka for a holiday, roadtrip or round trip? You might be curious about the budget you need for your trip! In Sri Lanka one pays with the rupee, the Sri Lankan rupee (LKR). The prices in Sri Lanka are very low compared to...

Frog Rock

Best time to visit Sri Lanka: Weather & Climate

Sri Lanka is an island in the south of Asia and is located in the Indian Ocean. The country is known for its rich cultural heritage, natural parks and great variety of beautiful landscapes. Are you travelling to Sri Lanka soon for a round trip...

Curry food and drinks Sri Lanka

Tip: 10x Eating and Drinking in Sri Lanka

Are you soon travelling to Sri Lanka and are you curious about what they eat and drink there? I happy to present you 10 typical (and tasty) Sri Lankan dishes that I’ve eaten and absolutely loved during our round trip! Tip: Check out our...

Yala National Park

Tip: Take a safari in Yala National Park

Are you looking for a National Park in Sri Lanka with a wide variety of animal species? Be sure to visit Yala National Park! Yala is the second largest but most visited national park of Sri Lanka. We visited Yala from Tissamaharama. In my opinion it...


Things to do in Tissamaharama: Yala & Attractions

Tissamaharama, also known as Tissa, is located on Sri Lanka‘s south coast. The village is a popular place among tourists, as it’s the perfect starting point to visit Yala National Park. That’s also the reason we went to Tissa. We...