Icelandic road

Tip: 15 best Instagram & photo spots in Iceland

Canoeing on Laguna Bacalar / La Laguna de los Siete Colores

Best time to visit Yucatán and Quintana Roo, Mexico

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Travel information: Tips for Mexico



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Jeep tour Wadi Rum

Things to do in Wadi Rum: Attractions

Wadi Rum is a desert in the south of Jordan and is known for its red cliffs. You feel like you’re on the moon when you’re in the Wadi Rum desert, that’s why the valley is also called ‘Valley of the Moon’. There are...

Nine Arch Bridge Ella

Things to do in Ella: Attractions

Ella is a small village in the Badulla district in Sri Lanka and is situated at 1041 meters above sea level. The town is surrounded by lush green mountains and tea plantations. The nature, which is very suitable for making beautiful hikes, is the...

Reichsburg of Cochem

Things to do in Cochem: Attractions

Cochem is a small, but very busy, town located along the Moselle River in Germany. The village has only 6,000 inhabitants, but is very popular among tourists, thanks to its beautiful historic town center and its famous wines. A visit to Cochem can...


Things to do in Seville: Attractions

Seville is the capital region of Andalucia and has the largest historic city center in Spain. When you walk through this beautiful city, you feel like walking on a film set. It is gorgeous! Seville is the perfect destination for a city trip. Did you...


Things to do in Mahahual: Attractions

The small fishing village of Mahahual is about 2.5 hours’ drive from Tulum. Mahahual has about 2,000 inhabitants who primarily earn their money with cruise tourism. Mahahual is the second most popular place along the east coast of Mexico after...


Things to do in Reykjavik: Attractions

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and also the most visited city of the country. Many travelers between Europe and North America make a stopover in Iceland. That means plenty of people walking around. We stayed two nights in Reykjavik. We stayed...

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Jordanian dinar

Travel budget: Prices & costs in Israel & Jordan

Would you like to do a round trip through Israel and Jordan? Then you’re probably curious about the budget you’re going to need! In Israel they pay with the Israeli shekel (NIS) and in Jordan with the Jordanian Dinar (JOD). The prices in...

Best travel time Jordan

Best time to visit Jordan: Weather & Climate

Jordan is a country, located in the Middle East, consisting mainly of desert landscape. Here you will find, among other things, the Wadi Rum valley and the historic city of Petra. The temperatures, especially near the Dead Sea, can reach 50°C, which...

Travel information

Travel information: Tips for Jordan

Are you going on a trip to Jordan soon? You must have lots of questions! How much budget do I need, do I need vaccinations, do I have to apply for a visa, can I drive safely and much more. In this article you will find travel information for Jordan...

Eat in Amman

Tip: Where to eat and drink in Amman

Amman is the largest city of Jordan and that means that restaurants and cafe are plentiful here. Since it’s always a tremendous job to pick the best restaurants, let me help you and recommend nice restaurants and cafes for breakfast, lunch and...

Jordan Pass

Tip: Buy a Jordan Pass in Jordan

Are you visiting Jordan soon and are you planning to visit as many places of interest as possible? Then the Jordan Pass is definitely for you! In this article, you will find information about the Jordan Pass and you will read why you should or...

Jara Market (Souk Jara)

Tip: Visit the Jara Market in Amman

Are you in Amman on a Friday and looking for a nice market where you can buy lots of souvenirs and delicious food and drinks? Then pay a visit to the Jara Market! In this article you will find information about this cozy market! Jara Market (Souk...