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Tip: Visit The Roman Ruins of Jerash from Amman

Jerash is an ancient city in Jordan known for the important Roman sights you will find here. The city was once part of the Decapolis League, a group of ten cities claimed by the Roman Empire. There are still many sights in Jerash from this period...

Dead Sea Jordan

Tip: Visit the Dead Sea in Jordan

The Dead Sea is a saltwater lake, so not actually a sea, surrounded by Israel, the West Bank (Palestine) and Jordan. The lake is 80 by 16 kilometers, covers an area of over 800 km2, lies between the African and Arabian Plains and its shore is the...


Things to do in Wadi Musa (Petra): Attractions

Wadi Musa is a small village in Jordan and is mainly visited because it is the starting point for a visit to the historic city of Petra. The historical city of Petra is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, and for many the main reason to...

Jeep tour Wadi Rum

Tip: 4-hour Wadi Rum Jeep Tour

Are you looking for a great way to explore the Wadi Rum desert? Then a jeep tour is the perfect choice! In this article you will find information about the jeep tour we did and booked with the accommodation we stayed at, namely Beyond Wadi Rum Camp...

Jeep tour Wadi Rum

Things to do in Wadi Rum: Attractions

Wadi Rum is a desert in the south of Jordan and is known for its red cliffs. You feel like you’re on the moon when you’re in the Wadi Rum desert, that’s why the valley is also called ‘Valley of the Moon’. There are...


Things to do in Amman: Attractions

Amman is the capital city of Jordan and also the largest city in the country. Almost 10 million people live in Jordan, and 4 million of them live in Amman. Pretty bizarre, isn’t it?! Amman is the starting point for many travelers on their trip...