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Tip: Visit the Dead Sea in Jordan

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The Dead Sea is a saltwater lake, so not actually a sea, surrounded by Israel, the West Bank (Palestine) and Jordan. The lake is 80 by 16 kilometers, covers an area of over 800 km2, lies between the African and Arabian Plains and its shore is the lowest piece of land on the earth’s surface. The shore was already 429 meters below sea level in 2005 and the water level continues to drop, currently by more than one meter per year. The water evaporates, leaving only the salt and minerals. Do you want to float in the Dead Sea? Then you’d better hurry. Don’t wait too long and read on!

Sowayma, Jordan

We decided to visit the Dead Sea at the end of our trip to recover from our road trip through Israel and Jordan. A good place to visit the Dead Sea is the town of Sowayma (Swemeh / Sweimeh). This town lives from tourism and there are several large resorts on the Dead Sea. Besides the Dead Sea, there’s not much to see near. So don’t you like spending your days at the pool? Only stay here for one night.

We stayed one night at the Ramada Resort Dead Sea. This hotel was far from perfect and outdated, but it was the cheapest (around 50 JOD) in the area and fine for one night. The breakfast was included in the price and was very extensive and tasty! Do you make a reservation without dinner and/or breakfast? Keep in mind that the prices of food and drinks in the hotels are relatively high. There are hardly any other restaurants in the area and obviously the hotel owners are aware of that.

Would you like to spend the night here and have some more luxury? View all accommodations in Sowayma here!

Dead Sea

Due to the high salt content, there is no multicellular life in the water of the sea. Hence the name “Dead Sea”. For many people, the high salt content is the reason to visit. Since ancient times, it is believed that the water has a healing effect and is good for Eczema and Psoriasis, for example. The bible says that the water from the river Jordan, which flows into the Dead Sea, would heal everything it touches.

Floating in the Dead Sea

The Ramada Resort Dead Sea is not located directly on the Dead Sea, but about 15 minutes walking distance. As it’s always very hot, about 50 degrees Celsius when we were there, there’s a shuttle bus to the private beach of the hotel. There are sunbeds on the beach, there are showers and there is a mud bath. The mud is mineral rich, has a therapeutic effect and is good for your skin. Cover yourself completely in mud, both your body and your hair, let it soak in for 10 minutes and then calmly go into the water. Take it easy, because you don’t want to get the saltwater in your eyes! As soon as you lower yourself into the water, you immediately notice that your body is being pushed to the surface. You don’t need to swim, because you float automatically.

Tips for visiting the Dead Sea

When visiting the Dead Sea, you have to keep in mind that this sea is different from other seas. For example, there are no waves and you can’t really cool off. Below are some tips.

1. Don’t stay too long in the salty water, because your body dries out quickly due to the high salt content. Don’t go under water with your face for too long.
2. Bring drinking water with you, to ensure that you can drink enough water.
3. Do not shave just before, because your skin can be very prickly because of the saltwater.
4. Do not take jewelry with you in the water, because they may discolor because of the salt.
5. Put on old swimwear, because your swimsuit or bikini may discolor or become out of shape.
6. Do you have sensitive feet? Bring water shoes! There are large and small stones everywhere.

Dead Sea Jordan

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