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In my online shop you will find Lightroom presets, which I created in Adobe Lightroom. These presets are used to quickly transform the photos that you will find on my blog and on my Instagram page @TRAVEL.DICTED.

What are Adobe Lightroom presets?

Presets is an abbreviation for pre-settings, which are a configuration of settings, designed to achieve a certain style for your photo. They are actually self-created filters, which helps you to quickly transform your photos. Once you’ve edited a photo and are happy with the result, you can save the edit settings and apply them to other photos with just one single click.

Tip: Do you want to edit your photos quick and easy? The TRAVELDICTED presets can save you a lot of time!

Lightroom presets for Desktop and for Mobile Devices

Adobe has developed software for the computer, so-called desktops, and for mobile phones to edit photos. This software is called Lightroom and is free to download for your mobile phone. However, the free version is limited, but allows you to use presets. If you want to use the desktop software, you need to take out an Adobe subscription.

The presets work the same way for both mobile devices and desktops. However, they have different file formats and you cannot use desktop presets (.lrtemplate) on mobile devices (.dng) or the other way around. Therefore the TRAVELDICTED preset packages (Ice Ice Baby, Mighty Jungle, Orange Desert, Tropical Island and Vibrant City) contain two types of files, for the use of both desktops and mobile phones.