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Amman is the largest city of Jordan and that means that restaurants and cafe are plentiful here. Since it’s always a tremendous job to pick the best restaurants, let me help you and recommend nice restaurants and cafes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I’ve selected my favorite cheap and awesome places to eat and drink in Amman.

Sah el Nom – Lebanese food

Sah el Nom is a small, Lebanese restaurant located on Rainbow Street. They have typical Lebanese patisseries and different kinds of pizzas. All snacks are made of dough, but they all have a different shape, filling and taste. The interior of the restaurant is inspired by the series “Sah Al Nom” by the artist Dureid Lahham. A very nice place for a tasty break!

Tip: Choose some snacks from the menu and share them with each other. This way you can taste several!

VU’s Café & Restaurant

VU’s is an informal rooftop café and restaurant, which offers a beautiful view over the city of Amman. You can visit this place if you want to eat or drink and if you want to smoke shisha. If you want, you can combine them! The staff is very friendly and helpful and the place has a nice interior.

This spot is a weekend favorite among the locals, who are all sipping mocktails and smoking shisha. We liked it here so much that we spent two evenings there. Definitely a must!

Cantaloupe Gastro Pub

Another rooftop bar with a magnificent view over the city: Cantaloupe! Cantaloupe is similar to VU’s, just a bit fancier. The prices are a lot higher than at VU’s and there is a dress code, Smart Casual. We only had a few drinks here. The view on is hard to beat and that makes Cantaloupe worth a visit!

Jara Market (Souk Jara)

The Jara Market, also called Souk Jara, is one of the most popular (Friday) markets in Amman. You’ll will find all kinds of handmade products, like jewelry, paintings, bags, books and perfume. But that’s not all! You’ll also find a food court, with several food and drink stands. It’s a super nice place to snack and try some Jordanian dishes!

Note: The Jara market is only open on Fridays between mid-May and the end of September from 10:00 am- 10:00 pm and can be found in a side street of Rainbow Street.

Hashem Restaurant – Local food and drink in Amman

Hashem Restaurant is located in Downtown Amman and is one of the most famous local restaurants in town. The reason? They have been serving local cuisine for 50 years and are known for their delicious falafel and hummus. According to a local woman, who sat next to us in the restaurant, Hashem even won awards for serving the most delicious hummus in Jordan. That’s why the restaurant is mainly visited by local people.

We completely agree: the falafel and the hummus are indeed delicious!

Tip: Go as early as possible in order to get a table. There are people there from lunch to dinner.

Accommodation Amman

Looking for a nice accommodation to stay in Amman? We slept in Naylover Hotel Suites, a good accommodation just outside the city center. We intentionally chose an accommodation just outside the center, because the traffic in Amman is intense and we didn’t want to drive too much here. At Naylover Hotel and Suites you can also park your car for free and guarded. The taxis in Amman are super cheap and this way you can easily travel to the city center.

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