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Tip: 10 best Instagram & photo spots on Mykonos

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Together with Santorini, Mykonos is one of the most famous islands of the Greek Cyclades. Here you will find narrow streets with the typical whitewashed houses with blue and turquoise accents and the famous windmills. The island is very photogenic and has numerous “Instagrammable” photo spots. In this article you will find an overview of 10 places on Mykonos that should not be missing from your Instagram feed!

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1. The windmills of Mykonos

The windmills are one of the most famous sights of Mykonos and that is why they should not be missing from your Instagram feed. The most popular windmills can be found on a hill just outside Mykonos Town. This spot is not only popular for taking photos, but also for watching the sunset. Therefore, keep in mind that it is extra crowded around that time.

Note: The windmills aren’t on top of a hill for nothing. It can be quite windy there!

Location: Click here

2. Little Venice (Alefkandra)

Close to the windmills you will find Alefkandra, which is also called Little Venice. Little Venice is the most romantic neighborhood of Mykonos and it is very photogenic. From a distance it even looks like a painting, so beautiful!

Location: Click here

Little Venice Mykonos

3. Agia Kyriaki Square in Mykonos Town

This square can be found in Mykonos Town. It is a cute little square in front of the Agia Kyriaki church that is decorated with colorful garlands. A perfect spot for a typical Mykonos-Instargam-photo!

Location: Click here

Agia Kyriaki square Mykonos town
4. Little street with red and turquoise doors in Mykonos Town

Somewhere deep in Mykonos Town you will find this cute little street. We ended up here by accident while wandering around. You understand: I just had to take some photos here!

Location: Click here

5. Archetype souvenir store in Mykonos Town

Located in a narrow, typical street in Mykonos Town, this beautiful souvenir store is a perfect spot for a great Instagram photo.

Location: Click here

Souvenir shop Mykonos

6. Panachra church in Mykonos Town

Another cute little church where you take a great photo! The Panachra church is located on a small square that is decorated with colorful garlands. Super cute!

Location: Click here

Panachra Church Mykonos

7. I love Mykonos steps in Mykonos Town

On a narrow street in Mykonos Town, you’ll find an accessory shop with a small staircase in front of it that says “I love Mykonos”. A fun spot to take an Instagram photo!

Location: Click here

I love Mykonos steps

8. Agiou Efthimiou in Mykonos Town

Agiou Efthimiou can be found in the street where the previous spot, the “I love Mykonos” staircase, is located. This street is extremely photogenic. Whitewashed houses, colored stair railings and balconies…. Perfect for taking some great photos!

Location: Click here

9. Balcony of Pasta Fresca Barkia in Mykonos Town

Pasta Fresca Barkia is an Italian restaurant located in the heart of Mykonos Town. You can enjoy delicious Italian food here and have a nice view over a typical Mykanos’ street from the balcony.

Please note that the restaurant only has one balcony. Would you like to sit here as well? Then make sure you reserve this spot at least one day in advance.

Location: Click here

Pasta Fresca Barkia

10. Armenistis Lighthouse of Mykonos

The Lighthouse of Mykonos, also called the Armenistis Lighthouse, is located in the northwest of the island. The lighthouse is easily accessible by scooter or car. Not only can you take some Insta-worthy photos here, but you can also enjoy a beautiful view!

Location: Click here

Armenistis Lighthouse Mykonos

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