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Tip: Rent a bike or electric scooter in Tel Aviv

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Are you looking for a fun way to explore Tel Aviv? Rent a (electric) bike or an electric scooter. The distances between the sights are quite large. Do you want to save time and don’t want to walk everything? The bike or scooter is your solution!

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Rent a bike in Tel Aviv

Since the distances between the attractions are quite large, we hired a bike for a day. There are around 150 places in the city where you can rent a bike 24 hours a day. There’s a vending machine next to the bike stand where you can specify how many and which bikes you want to rent. You can pay for the bikes with your credit card and when this is done, the locks will be unlocked. Alternatively, you can also use an app on your phone, called Tel-O-Fun (Telobike: Tel-Aviv Bicycle).

Renting a bike is not expensive at all! For a day or multi-day ticket and then for the time you use the bike. The first hour costs 6 ILS per bike. If you put the bike away in a stand in between, the time will be paused, and you will be able to visit the attraction. If you pick up a bike again after your visit, the time will continue. In total we spent 57 ILS for the whole day for both bikes. More information about the rates can be found here.

Note: Would you like to see an attraction or have something to eat or drink somewhere? Put the bike back in one of the bicycle stands and the time will be paused. The bikes can be handed in at each bicycle stand throughout the city and not just at the station where you picked up the bike.

Renting an electric scooter

A more modern way to explore the city is by (electric) scooter. Just like the bikes you’ll find the scooters (called Bird and Lime scooters) throughout the whole city. You can unlock and use the scooters with the apps of Bird (Bird – Enjoy The Ride) and Lime (Lime – Your Ride Anytime). We saw people passing by on electric scooters everywhere, while we were working very hard on our bikes. So next time we’ll also take electric scooters, since these are much easier and less heavy ?.

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