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Milos is an island belonging to the Cyclades. The island is located in the southwestern Aegean Sea. Like Santorini, Milos is a volcanic island, which means it has a fantastic, diverse landscape. Beautiful beaches with turquoise water, the most beautiful villages and special natural phenomena; Milos is very photogenic! In this article you will find an overview of 6 places on Milos that should not be missing in your Instagram overview!

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1. Sarakiniko Beach

Sarikiniko Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Milos and you’ll often come across this beach on Instagram as well. The “beach” of Sarakiniko consists of white, volcanic rocks and the water is turquoise in color. Of course, you have to shoot some Insta-worthy photos here.

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2. Plaka Castle

Plaka is the current capital of Milos and is located about 4 kilometers from Adamas. On top of the hill you will find the Plaka Castle, from where you can take a really cool photo!

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Plaka Castle Milos
3. Salt Flats Milos

Near the old airport of Milos you will find some salt flats. There is not much information known about this area, but I do know that you can shoot some really cool photos there.

Note: Do take care when you walk onto the salt flats and don’t step on the edges, or they will break off.

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Salt Flats Milos
4. Klima

Klima is the most beautiful fishing village on Milos. You will find a row of whitewashed cottages that are located by the water. Each house has a different color door and balcony. Incredibly beautiful to see and to take some great photos!

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Klima Milos
5. Mandrakia

Another photogenic fishing village is Mandrakia. The little houses that are located there are used by the fishermen to store their boats and equipment. Here you can definitely take some Insta-worthy photos!

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6. Firopotamos

In the north of Milos you will find the small fishing village of Firopotamos. There are only a few houses here, but the view from the hill is incredible. On the hill you will also find a blue domed church, which is a great spot to shoot some beautiful photos!

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