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When you think of Greece, Paros is probably not the first island that comes to mind. Most people are dreaming of visiting Santorini and Mykonos, with all whitewashed houses, windmills and the blue domed churches. But not many people know, that Paros offers this as well.

The island Paros is very photogenic and has many places where you can go and take beautiful photos for Instagram. When you look on social media and search for Paros, you will find some popular photo spots like the Linardo café, Naoussa harbour and the little corner house with the flowers. In this article I will show you some popular spots, but also some hidden secrets.

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1. Monastery of St. John’s of Deti

This is a beautiful blue domed monastery in the north of Paros. From the top of the monastery you have a great view over the ocean and in the distance you can spot the village Naoussa. Great features for a perfect shot!

Location: Click here

2. The Paros Corner House

This place is one of the most famous photo spots on Paros. When you search for Paros on Instagram, you’ll probably see this place multiple times when scrolling. This cute little house located in Lefkes, a small village in central Paros. On Google maps it’s even indicated as Lefkes instagrammable place (photo point), which says it all about how popular this spot is. So a photo in this spot can’t be missing from your instagram page.

Location: Click here

Corner house Paros3. Beach/ whitewashed houses in Naoussa

Naoussa is a beautifull fishing village in the northern part of Paros. There are so many beautiful places here, that I came across on Instagram. This spot however, we ran into accidently and I had not seen it before. The water, the white stones at the beach, the whitewashed houses.. A perfect combination for some great shots!

Location: Click here


4. Blue domed church in Kostos

Kostos is a tiny mountain village in central Paros and is definitely worth a visit. It preserves a very traditional atmosphere and one of the attractions is the Agia Marina Church. A blue dome domed church in the center of the village and a beautiful spot to take a photo!

Location: Click here

Blue domed church Kostos
5. Street in Kostos

For the following spot we stay in Kostos, because this cute street can be found in the center of this village. Since Kostos it not touristy at all, the atmosphere is very peaceful and you can really enjoy the beautiful scenery. And off course take photos without other people in it.

Location: Click here

Kostos street
6. Windmill in Marmara

Marmara is another small village on Paros, located in the east. This village consists of whitewashed houses, narrow streets, many churches and windmills! The traditionally whitewashed windmills characterize the Greek islands and can’t be missing from your Instagram feed! You will find many windmills on Paros, for example in Parikia, Naoussa and Lefkes, but these places are much more crowded than Marmara, which makes it hard to take a good shot without too many people in it. So that’s why I recommend the one in Marmara.

Location: Click here

7. Restaurant in Lefkes

I saw this spot on Instagram and I liked it too much to not take a photo here. The restaurants is right in front of the entrance of the Agia Triada Church, the second largest church on the island, so it’s very easy to find.

Location: Click here


8. Pink door in Naoussa

And we’re back in Naoussa, this time in a small alley in front of a pink door surrounded with bougainvilleas. There are many cute doors at this island, but this is one of my favorites. The best thing is that it’s in a dead-end alley, so there is no one there.

Location: Click here

Pink door Naoussa9. Square in Parikia

Parikia is the capital of Paros and here you can find the main harbour of the island. The town has a typical Cycladic architecture, with whitewashed houses with blue or turquoise wooden doors, windows and balconies. In the centre of Parikia, near to the Frankish Castle, you will find a tiny square with a turquoise door surrounded with bougainvilleas. The perfect spot for a photo!

Location: Click here


10. Stairs in Naoussa

The last spot in this overview is a staircase in the center of Naoussa. The whitewashed buildings and the turquoise door and balcony just make a perfect location for a good photo!

Location: Click here

Stairs Naoussa

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