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Minca is a small village located in northern Colombia, about 15 kilometers from Santa Marta. Minca is surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountains and rainforest. As a result, you can enjoy some stunning views in this town. Due to the height difference, Minca is a popular destination for hiking. In addition, you can visit waterfalls and coffee and cocoa plantations here. Above all, Minca is a place to completely unwind. In this article I will tell you all about the things to do in Minca and provide information about different sights and activities.

We stayed two nights at Casa Chill Out, a basic accommodation in the center of Minca.

How to get to Minca?

From Santa Marta

The cheapest option to travel to Minca is by (Colectivo) bus from Santa Marta. The bus leaves from the bus terminal located just outside the city center. This trip costs about 3 euros per person. Are you flying to Santa Marta, for example from Bogota, Medellín or Cali? Then you will have to take a bus to the city center first and then another bus to the bus terminal.

Another, slightly more expensive option is traveling by cab. This is the option we chose, because we were traveling from Tayrona to Minca and didn’t feel like going to the center of Santa Marta first and waiting here for a small bus to Minca. The cab from Tayrona to Minca cost us about 37.50 euros.

Do you only have a backpack with you? Then you can also choose to jump on the back of a motorcycle cab in downtown Santa Marta, which will then take you to Minca. The cost for this is about 4 euros per person.

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Where to stay in Minca?

The accommodations in Minca are very spread out. Thus, you can choose to stay in the center of the town or somewhere in the mountains. If you choose the last option, you can usually enjoy beautiful views and completely unwind. However, keep in mind that these accommodations are a bit further from the center, and of course a lot higher. As a result, you have to take a cab each time you want to go to the center or do other activities. Basically, it is too far to walk every time.

In the center

We had initially booked an accommodation in the mountains, but last minute chose to stay in the center. Because we changed our plans last minute, many accommodations were already fully booked. We ended up sleeping two nights at Casa Chill Out, a basic but nice accommodation just a 5-minute walk from the center.

Are you on time with your booking? Then Hotel Minca – La Casona is a good choice. This accommodation has a pool and, even though it is located near the center, it has a beautiful view of the mountains!

In the mountains

One of the most popular accommodations in Minca is Masaya Casas Viejas. This accommodation is surrounded by nature and features a lovely pool with beautiful views. The accommodation is about a 20-minute drive from the city center.

Please note that Masaya Casas Viejas is a highly sought after accommodation. Would you like to stay here? Then be on time!

Another option is Mundo Nuevo Eco Lodge, an accommodation in the mountains where you can completely unwind. This eco lodge features an infinity pool with a fantastic view.

Things to do in Minca?

Visit the waterfalls of Minca

Marinka waterfall (Cascada de Marinka)

A wonderful place to relax is at the Marinka waterfall (Cascada de Marinka). Here you will find two waterfalls on different levels. At the lower waterfall, you can also take a refreshing dip. In fact, here you will find a pool in which you can swim. The waterfall on the upper level is the most photogenic. Take a seat on one of the rocks and you are guaranteed an Instagram-worthy picture!

On the grounds you’ll find a restaurant, where you can grab a bite to eat. There are also hammocks hanging on different floors, where you can chill out! To get to the Marinka waterfall, take a motorcycle cab from the center of Minca. For a few euros per person, you’ll be at the waterfall within 15 minutes.

Tip: Want to relax in a hammock with a fantastic view of the mountains? Then visit Sierra Minca, a popular hostel that has a number of hammocks, a pool and a bar. A perfect place to spend a day relaxing.

Pozo Azul

Another waterfall is Pozo Azul. At this waterfall you also have the opportunity to swim. You will find two natural pools, in which you can cool off.

To get here you take a motorcycle cab for a few euros person. Walking from the center is also possible! This walk takes about 50 minutes.

Visit a coffee and/or cacoa farm

As in Salento, you will find several coffee farms in Minca. Here you will get information about the whole process of making coffee. Since we had already visited a coffee farm in Salento, we decided to visit a cacao farm in Minca.

Cacao tour at La Candelaria (El Paraiso de Tuki B&B Cafe y Cacao Farm)

From the center, we took a motorcycle cab to the La Candelaria farm, which is also called El Paraiso de Tuki B&B Cafe y Cacao Farm. You can do several tours here, including a cacao tour. This tour takes about 1.5 hours and is given by the owner. He takes you to the cacao plants, tells you all about the process and makes chocolate milk and chocolate with you. At the end you get a chocolate face mask. A fun and informative outing!

Food & drinks in Minca

There are a few restaurants, cafes and bars in Minca. Our favorites:

  • Amora (breakfast and lunch)
    The Lazy Cat (lunch, dinner or drinks)
    La Miga (breakfast and lunch; a small bakery with the tastiest focaccias)

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