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Things to do in Córdoba: Attractions

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Córdoba is a city in Andalucia and is about 1 hour and 45 minutes’ drive from Seville. Córdoba doesn’t have its own airport, which means it’s a lot more quiet than in Seville. Yet there is plenty to see and do here. In this article you will find information about the attractions in Córdoba that you shouldn’t miss!

We stayed one night in Córdoba in the Laprin Appartment, which is located about a 15 minutes’ walk from the Mezquita. The appartment is very spacious and also affordable.

Tip: In Andalusia you will find a number of beautiful villages and cities. Do you have a little more time? You can find the ultimate car itinerary for Andalusia in four days here.

The Mezquita

The Mezquita is the cathedral of Córdoba, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, together with the city center. Initially, the cathedral served as a mosque, hence the name Mezquita, the Spanish word for mosque. Since the Christian Reconquista of Córdoba in 1236, the Mezquita is used as a cathedral. The combination of Moorish and Catholic influences makes the cathedral quite unique.

In the cathedral, you will find a prayer room that consists of 860 red and white columns and several chapels. It is truly a sight to behold! Furthermore, the Mezquita has a courtyard and a bell tower that you can visit. The bell tower is the highest point of Córdoba and from here you have a beautiful view over the city. If you’re planning to visit the bell tower, you have to buy a separate ticket.

Tickets for the Mezquita cost € 11,- per person and € 2,- per person for the bell tower. Opening hours can be found here.

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos

The Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos is a medieval palace that has served as the home of several Catholic princes. The palace is located in the center of Córdoba and consists of several floors. Here you will find a number of courtyards, the Royal Stables, mosaics and of course the beautiful gardens. The garden consists of different types of plants and flowers, water and sculptures and is a beautiful place to walk around.

The entrance fee for the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos is € 5,- per person.

The Roman bridge of Córdoba (Puente Romano)

The Roman bridge of Córdoba is a bridge that crosses the Guadalquivir River and was built in the first century BC. Because the bridge has been renovated several times, you won’t notice that the bridge originates from the Roman era. The bridge consists of 16 arches, is 247 meters long and 9 meters wide. It has a statue of Archangel Raphael in the middle of the bridge.

Torre De Calahorra

The Torre De Calahorra is a city gate located on the south side of the Roman bridge and was built by the Moors to defend the city. In the tower there is a museum that you can visit, where you will be immersed in the history of Cordoba. A ticket to the museum costs € 4.50 per person.

Puerta del Puente

If you cross the Roman bridge from the south, you end up at the Puerta del Puente. This is a large Renaissance gate, also called City Gate. When you walk underneath it, you walk into the center of Córdoba. From here it’s a few minutes’ walk to the Mezquita.

Judería de Córdoba

The Judería de Córdoba is the Jewish quarter of Córdoba where Jews lived between the 10th and 15th centuries. The district is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and consists of the following streets: Deanes, Manríquez, Tomás Conde, Judíos, Almanzor and Romero. Striking about this district are the cute little streets with flowers in pots on the walls. The most popular attraction of Córdoba is also located in the Jewish quarter, namely the Mezquita. In Judería de Córdoba you will also find the bullfighting museum and the synagogue.

The side streets offer nice boutiques with leather goods, clothing and souvenirs, but restaurants and bars as well.

Judería de Córdoba

Palacio de Viana

The Palacio de Viana is a country house with 12 beautiful courtyards (patios) and a garden. The total area of Palacia de Viana is 6.500 m². The house was built in the 14th century and they kep additing something until the 20th century, when the last additions were made. The house has been transformed into a museum where you can see all kinds of objects that were used in the house at the time. You can also visit all the courtyards and the garden, which was the highlight for me! Each patio looks different and they are all very photogenic.

A ticket costs € 8,- per person for both the museum and the patios. Do you only want to visit the patios? A ticket costs € 5,- per person. The opening hours of the Palacio de Viana can be found here.

Eating tapas

If you travel to Spain, you need to eat tapas! Tapas are Spanish appetizers, but they are also eaten as a meal. There are different kinds of tapas and each region has its own specialties. Some well-known tapas are olives, patatas bravas and calamari.

A nice tapas restaurant, which was close to our accommodation, is Canadian Bar and Tapas. They serve delicious, traditional tapas and you can sit inside or outside.

Please note: The restaurant serves the tapas as two different portions as tapa and as a full dish. Go (if you want to order different tapas) for the small portion.

Tip: Arrive just before the Spaniards start eating, as it’ll guarantee you’ll have a spot. There will be a large queue later in the evening!

Other places to eat and drink in Córdoba, you will find here!

Tapas Cordoba

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