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There are numerous restaurants and bars in Seville where you can enjoy good (and cheap) food and drinks. From Spanish tapas to international dishes. To save time, I’ve put together a list of nice places that are absolutely worth a visit!

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Breakfast at Jester’s

Looking for a hip breakfast joint, where they serve delicious coffee? Then Jester is the place you’re looking for! Besides delicious coffee they also have fresh juices, smoothies, bowls, bagels, croissants, cakes and more. Order something tasty inside and take a seat on the terrace for a perfect start of the day!

P.S. The croissant with brie and serrano ham is highly recommended.

Tapas at Paco Pepe Bar

Paco Pepe Bar is a restaurant located in downtown Seville, between Plaza del Salvador and Plaza de San Francisco, a five-minute walk from the Cathedral. Although the restaurant is located in the heart of Seville, it’s still possible to enjoy a quiet meal here, as it’s located in some kind of courtyard. At Paco, you can enjoy traditional Spanish dishes all day long. I can definitely recommend the tapas they serve! The restaurant is nicely decorated as well. I think they love photography, since the walls are covered with beautiful pictures.

Note: You have the possibility at all tapas restaurants to order the tapas as a small portion or as a large portion. I advise you to order small portions, because it allows you to share and order several portions. If you order a large portion, you get those tapas as a ‘main’ dish.

Tapas at Luca’s City Bar

We just can’t get enough of them! Luca’s City Bar is located next to Paco’s Pepe Bar and might be owned by the same owner, as the interior of both restaurants also looks very much alike. The traditional Spanish tapas are also well prepared, and the service was excellent.

Order some tapas, order a jug of sangría and enjoy a beautiful evening in beautiful Seville!

Special tapas at Perro Viejo

Perro Viejo is a tapas restaurant right in the center of Seville. If you walk down the street, you don’t expect to find such a gem here at first. Perro Viejo is located in an old Sevillian house, which has been transformed into a modern restaurant. This is also reflected in the dishes. You’ll find the typical Spanish tapas, which are served just a tad different from the traditional Spanish tapas bars. You’ll find tapas from different parts of the world, like South America and Asia, and they also serve gyozas and ceviche. The food here was delicious and had plenty of flavor!

Tapas Seville

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